Voice Search is Going to Impact the SEO Landscape

The chronically expanded use of smartphones and the arrival of personal assistants has led to their prominence. Voice queries are like a two-way conversation and they aim to help the user complete tasks from their life in real-time, like booking tickets and making a purchase. Users want direct answers, when they perform a voice search. So, such queries are inherently different from the typical keyword search in the search box. In 2013, 85% of iOS users said that they didn’t use Siri. But, fast forward to today and Siri and Google now are leading the way.

Further, a December 2015 survey by Mindmeld found that 60 % of respondents have started using voice search personal assistants in just the last 12 months. Voice search and personal assistants present a new challenge and opportunity for marketers. By 2020, voice and image-based searches are expected to contribute at least half of all searches.

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