5 Lessons You Can Learn From The Top Brands On Instagram

Half of the world’s biggest brands are now on Instagram, and Starbucks, Nike, Publix, Foot Locker, and Disney are the best of the best, according to a report.

Obviously, these brands have an inherent advantage on Instagram. They sell products that make for powerful visuals.

So what else can you learn about marketing on Instagram from 250 of the world’s largest brands?

1. Likes Account For Nearly All Brand Engagement

On Instagram 98.9 percent of brand interactions came in the form of likes. Just 1.1 percent of consumers posted comments.

So if Instagram is all about engagement, that means you need to post compelling visuals. And don’t expect much else from the platform.

2. Brands Post Most Often On Thursdays & Fridays

Most of the brands posts often between Monday through Friday, but Thursday and Friday are the most popular days on Instagram, according to the research.

3. The ‘Best’ Day & Time To Post On Instagram

Although Thursdays and Fridays are the most popular days, Sunday had a tiny advantage in terms of engagement, probably due to the fact that it’s Sunday, which means less competition.

4. Hashtags & Questions Increase Engagement

If you want to slightly increase your engagement, then should you consider adding a question mark or hashtag to your post? Yes.

5. Brands Overwhelmingly Prefer #nofilter

Eighty-nine percent of brand posts used no filter. Juno, Lark, and Clarendon are the top filters of choice for brands

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